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Our patented electronic Fireflies are used around the world in theme parks, zoos, nature centers, on stage, and even in movies to accurately reproduce the magical flashing, flickering & fading of Mother Nature's real fireflies, or lightning bugs . . . in fact, there's nothing else like them.

And now, we've developed a new line of 'Firefly' products for the retail industry, so you can bring these amazing 'Fireflies' to your customers . . . adding fun, excitement, and magic to their backyards, gardens, and even indoors.

We can also manufacture custom designs for those unique and unusual commercial jobs.

We look forward to working with you.


Future plans include distribution expansion to retail stores, including:

  • Lawn & Garden Center
  • Florist
  • Gift Store
  • Museum, Discovery, Zoo or Theme Park Store
  • Water Garden or Pond Store
  • Landscaper
  • Wedding Shop
  • RV Center
  • Contractor
  • Novelty, Party, or Holiday Store
  • Pool and Spa Centers
  • Hardware Store
  • Landscape Contractor
  • Lighting Designer
  • Party Planner
  • Specialty Reseller
  • Lighting Store

If you do, then Welcome to the Firefly Magic® Firefly Lights backyard entertainment lighting.

Firefly Magic® Firefly Lights have been used by Dr. Sara Lewis in her research at Tufts.

  • Firefly Magic® Firefly Lights hit an emotional chord with millions of adults who fondly remember chasing Fireflies when they were children. Now those adults have created their beautiful backyards, they can't wait to recapture their childhood memories . . . sharing them with their own children, friends, and family.

  • Firefly Magic® Firefly Lights are a new and totally unique product to the Retail marketplace. Perhaps what we hear most from consumers is, "I can't believe I've finally found these. . . I've been wanting something like this for years and didn't know where I could find them!" Strange as it sounds, there is a pent up demand for a product that accurately and reliably recreates the flashing, flickering, and fading of Mother Nature's real Fireflies.

  • The Solar powered Firefly Magic® Firefly Lights can also be used virtually anywhere by quickly and easily replacing the two rechargeable batteries with two standard AA Alkaline batteries.




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